Newborn Baby Portraits

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Photographing your precious newborn in the first few days in our warm and cosy garden studio.  We keep our newborn baby photography natural using soft colours and material making it all about your baby and their little nose and toes. The session will last between 2-4 hours to keep your baby comfortable and happy,  and to allow time for feeding and soothing.

Ssshhhh - precious baby sleeping.....

Ideally newborn photographs are taken when your baby is between 5 and 14 days old. Of course we photograph older babies, they don't like to curl up like newborns but we will still capture those beautiful moments as they start to show their personality.

You may also want to include siblings in some of the photos, or capture those special moments with Mum and Dad.

Soooo tired....

Once you book your shoot we'll drop you and email with all the details to help you get ready for baby's first photo shoot. Including what to expect on the day, tips on what to wear, ideal times for feeding to ensure your baby is happy during the session.

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