How To.....

Create Beautiful Baby Photos Using Your Phone



Whether you are having your own baby, welcoming a grandchild or want to take beautiful baby photos for a friend, this self-paced online class will help you create beautiful images you'd be proud to display on the wall

With 7 separate videos, you can move through each section at your own pace and complete the quiz at the end of each video so you can be sure you've mastered it. 


What's included

  • Phone camera basics
  • Setting the scene - backdrops, props & outfits
  • Lighting & composition - sometimes the angle can make all the difference
  • Soothing & settling - our top 5 tips
  • Poses & swaddling
  • Editing & printing
  • Planning your session - now you have the knowledge, let's plan your shoot


This is for you if..

  • you want to take better baby photos and not just snaps
  • you want to learn a new skill 
  • you want to capture moments beautifully
  • you want to create images you'd be round to display on the wall 





Buy now and get access to your self paced online class from 14th April