Photography that tells the story of your brand


'It's all about you' to quote a much loved McFly song, and it is!! You are representing you and putting yourself out there - which can be scary and exciting in equal measures. Your brand, who you are, what you represent and the visuals you present are ever more important as our digital world expands. Your words and your work rocks and branding portraits and social media images are the essential pieces to fully engage your growing community. New, beautiful and on-trend, your new visual marketing portfolio will save you a whole heap of time and see your engagement rise!!


'This is your life, you were meant to be the hero of your own story' - Rachel Hollis


Your story

I'd love to have a chat or meet with you over coffee and find out all about you, your biggest dreams and future plans.  I can then get creative telling your story in photographs to truly engage & inspire your community and help you stand out online. Our branding photography package is set around time which will use to capture the photographs, be they product, portrait or stock images, to suit you.  


This is me....

So, This Is Me (to quote one heck of an inspiring song). I'm not so comfortable in front of the camera, which is probably why I choose to be behind one.  As one half of Team Campbell, I'm lucky to have my husband to inspire me and take my photo (only when necessary 😃) - he can always make me laugh.  I get my biggest buzz working with people, seeing smiley faces, and getting creative (I'll tell you about my home cake decorating mishaps another time) and so, personal branding is an exciting extension of our much-loved studio portrait business where we capture the family story. 





Kate x