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Sweet Like Chocolate

February 29, 2016  •  1 Comment

Pete and I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with local businesses, meeting great people working hard to make their business a success. As true chocoholics we’ve especially enjoyed working, and building a great relationship, with the ladies at Chocolate Beauty Spa in Morley. Working with Chocolate Beauty Spa has given us the chance to try different photography techniques and produce some great photos.


Treatment Rooms

It’s not only customers having a makeover, the treatment rooms got one as well. We went along and photographed the new relaxing rooms.  







Gift Vouchers

Pete was asked to photograph their new gift vouchers.  Always up for a challenge, Pete used this as an opportunity to get creative and take more than just a photo. 







Pamper Parties

More recently they’ve launched their Pamper Parties. A true pamper party with makeover, manicure and a photo shoot. I go along and photograph the fun to give the birthday girl lasting memories of her party.









Time For A Treat!

After all this hard work I think I’ll book myself in for a bit of a pamper! Oh and a bar of chocolate of course.


See more about the our favourite spa - Chocolate Beauty Spa






Love it Kate. Thanks being a wonderful Company to work with. We so Love it when your involved with our parties. I live being able to share the professional room photo's you did for us when we do PR things X Shanda X
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