V.E. Garden Party Ideas & Family Games

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V.E. Garden Party Ideas


Family Games


V.E Day celebrations are just around the corner, the weather is going to be gorgeous!  We can't go out and celebrate but we can have a garden party at home!! It's a great idea for your family/household and we've included some fun games to keep you all entertained. We are in a bit of a 'make to and mend' era which makes all the more fun.  We've given you lots of suggestions for you to create an awesome party with things you'll find around the house. Go all out, imagine you've got all your friends coming and really go to town. 


First Up - Decorations

You can really get the children involved here and keep them occupied for hours. Decide on a theme together and either share the jobs out or make them together. 

Teepee - You could make a bedsheet teepee/tent for the kids. A little place to call their own and keep out of the sun.

DIY Bunting & flags - A great one for the kids. Use spare colour paper and/or card from colourful boxes, cut out different shapes to add to string or ribbon and hand it around the garden.


It's all in the detail - set the table, put some flowers in a vase, blow up those leftover party balloons - this is a celebration after all. 





Well, no garden party would be complete without the food glorious food. You may want to have a picnic, or posh it up a bit with a fancy afternoon tea (any excuse for a bit more baking), or keep it simple with a bbq. Maybe the kids would like their own picnic area leaving the posh take just for you.



Creative Party Drinks

The grown-ups need to keep cool, of course, so pop your favourite grown-up drink into ice ready for later. But remember, this is a big celebration so why not create your own V.E. day cocktail? You could get the kids to create their own mocktails - they will certainly have fun making something that is sure to be fairly horrible and very high in sugar so apologies in advance. 


Get dressed up for the occasion

Surly a homemade paper hat has never been more appropriate, I wonder who will win the best-decorated hat competition? And I think we all need an excuse to pop on a nice dress and bit a lipstick these days, so go head - feel fabulous! 




Family Games

There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to raise a smile and spend time having fun together. These gave are sure to be fun, will burn off some of that energy that all small humans seem to have, and give you time to sit back and enjoy a few minutes piece. 


Noughts & Crosses

With a bit of crafting needed to make the set, this is a great way to get the kids involved. Paint the noughts and crossed on stones, or get creative and make it bugs and bees, or strawberries and kiwi - whatever you like!!


Scavenger hunt.

If you haven't already, then you can download our scavenger hunt for the kids to do while you enjoy that delicious cocktail you've just invented. You can download it following the link here.






Do you have any of these foam numbers hanging around the house? They make a great hopscotch! Or draw your own on the patio with chalk.



And of course, don't forget to take lots of photos and capture all the fun memories from the weekend. We'll be taking our own advice and having a little garden party ourselves. We're especially looking forward to creating a cocktail or two after a little more decorating and refreshing of our photography studio in Morley, Leeds. Stay safe, stay home and enjoy the V.E. celebrations this weekend with your family.


Kate & Pete






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