why we don't hide the price of a photoshoot

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Why We Don't Hide The Price Of A Photoshoot


You think you're getting a bargain then reality hits. Many years ago, before we developed our own interest in photography, my husband and I had a photoshoot with a well-known national photography company (let's not name names here). We were offered a full portrait session AND a framed print for just £25!! Well, that's Grandma's Christmas present sorted!! The shoot was so much fun and we were really looking forward to seeing our edited photos.


The Big Reveal

On to the big reveal. We arrived at reception to see a Dad picking up a HUGE framed print of his kids. Discussing the price with another customer he looked more 'rabbit in the headlights' than delighted with his purchase. We were taken to a cosy waiting room where we sat drinking lovely coffee, listening to relaxing music and admiring the amazing photos on the wall. Full excitement and anticipation it was finally our turn. We were taken to, what felt like, a private cinema room. Soft music, low lighting and our gorgeous photos slowly turning round on a big screen - to say it was emotional was an understatement. What an experience - we were feeling special, in love with our photos, lucky to have this experience, and just delighted with the whole experience. At £25 for the shoot and a small framed print, surely this is an average cost for the prints - right? Based on this we'll be able to get them all!!


a framed photo from newborn photoshoot, Leeds, West Yorkshire. Framed newborn print


Then the sales lady (yes sales lady), went through the REAL prices, and our 'awesome experience' bubble burst! The prices were well outside our budget and, even with their kind offer of a payment plan plus interest  (yep, you read that right), we still couldn't afford more than the initial deal.

What started as the most amazing experience turned round completely and we left feeling embarrassed, conned, mislead, duped, disappointed, naive, stupid and lots of other words and emotions that guaranteed we would never go there again or recommend it to friends and family members.  


baby crying during photoshoot in Leeds, West YorkshireCrying baby


How This Poor Experience Shaped Our Business

Now, as photographers, there are many hours of setting up, tidying up, and editing that are unseen by our clients,  as well as equipment and prop costs behind every photoshoot. I'm certainly not disputing anyone's expertise and pricing, in fact, I feel that many of my photography friends don't charge enough for sharing their talent, what I do object to are hidden costs that ruin the experience, leave a bitter taste and potentially lead the client to make a decision that, financially, isn't right for them.  

This experience helped shape the way we run our business. We want our studio families to have a fantastic experience from start to finish. With beautiful photos that they will treasure forever, linked to fond memories of the fun they had with us. 

All our packages are priced, clearly show what's included and we even show the cost of an upgrade with no pressure attached. The only surprise we want for our families is how beautiful their photos are.

New Mummy and Daddy with their babyFirst family photoshoot   


If cost is a consideration when booking your photoshoot then make sure you ask for a price list and make an informed decision when booking your photoshoot.

You can see all the details of our studio photography packages here, and if you'd like to create those precious memories with us drop me an email and we'll arrange a session that's right for you. 


If you are reading this before August 5th 2021 you could enter our Newborn Photoshoot Bundle Giveaway!! With one awesome main prize and several runner-up prizes - enter yourself or share this opportunity with a friend. 


Kate x








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