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From Camera To Classroom

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I'm still learning - Michelangelo aged 87

We never stop learning! We have become experienced in certain fields, but there is so much to photography that we will always be inspired by others and what's around us. With a photography diploma behind us and a string of photography courses, we will always want to learn more.

We were asked to share our knowledge and join the team at Going Digital Yorkshire , supporting their hands on one day photography workshops for budding photographers. Working with Pandora and the team has been great fun, with Kate training and Pete assisting, it's double trouble for the students! Designed for hobbyists, they offer a range of workshops starting from the very basics on their 'Get Off Auto' course, to more specialised workshops and walks, as well as one to one bespoke training days. It's so rewarding seeing those lightbulb moments when students realise they've mastered another new technique.


Bespoke One To One studio photography training day with Pete.

Kate supporting the student through their outdoor assignment on the Get Off Auto workshop.

Student photographs from the Deer photography walk at Fountains Abbey, and Night photography walk in Leeds.


Who we admire

We are lucky to have people around us who we admire and who inspire us everyday. From family and friends who continue to inspire us with stories of courage and determination, to experienced photographers who spark our creativity and encourage us to step out of our comfort zone.


Where we get our inspiration from

"Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you." - Grace Coddington

It's true, inspiration is everywhere!! What's around you at any given moment can spark inspiration if you are open to it. In today's digital world we enjoy being wowed by photographs on Instagram, and the amazing photos posted by Going Digital students on the Going Digital student Facebook page. 

We get a lot of inspiration from watch movie's and TV shows. We often pause the TV when lighting and framing of a scene catches our eye, and we discuss how we can use the idea (yes, conversation can be very boring in the Campbell household for those not into photography). Have you ever seen the framing in House Of Cards with Kevin Spacey?! 


Want to channel your inner David Bailey? Start your journey with Going Digital Yorkshire.


Kate & Pete






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