Top Tips For Baby's First Month Of Life

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Top Tips For Baby's First Month Of Life


Baby’s first month of life is exhilarating, exhausting and magical all at the same time! Our studio Mums are sharing their advice for baby’s first month of life that will hopefully make your transition into parenthood easier.



One thing to know about newborns is that it is one of the fastest stages your child will go through. It passes really quickly. Keeping that in mind, try to let the rest of your life slide for a while. If you don’t have many expectations of yourself for what the house should look like, what your “schedule” should look like, or how often you have showered or cooked a meal, you will enjoy this stage so much more. Plan on being flexible, and don’t value your worth on how much you get done in a day. That first month will be all about baby, and it’s quite the transition so be easy on yourself. Make that first month all about snuggles and skin-to-skin and quiet bonding because it will pass more quickly than you know and these will be moments that you treasure for the rest of their life.


Reggie - Newborn Photo ShootReggie - Newborn Photo Shoot



BABY’S FIRST MONTH: Nappy Changing

Top Tip from one of our Newborn Mummies. "Newborns require a LOT of nappy changes for that first little bit but it doesn’t stay that way forever. Having several 'changing stations' throughout the house will be a lifesaver. Just a simple bin or container with nappies, wipes and some nappy sacks so that you don’t have to go and get these items every time a nappy change is needed." We put a small box together for the studio for Mummies to grab during a newborn photoshoot.



BABY’S FIRST MONTH: Changing Table

Speaking of nappy changes, this next tip comes from another one of our studio Mummies. "Because those frequent nappy changes only occur for those first few months, my husband and I both felt that investing in a changing table was a waste of money and space. We got a travel cot complete with changing table instead. We now have a travel cot and changing table that can be attached, and then stored away, and we're ready to get away or for anyone who volunteers for overnight babysitter duties". The Hauck Sleep N Play Centre  would be a great option





Baby’s First Month: Hormones

Postnatal depression is surprisingly common, with 1 in 8 Mums seeking help from their GP's. Since you never know if postnatal depression is going to rear its’ ugly head, we thought it was important to include.  Please know that as your body transitions from being pregnant back to being 'normal', that there will be a LOT of hormonal changes. This can result in postnatal depression and has nothing to do with you! Don’t feel bad or guilty if you are experiencing this during baby’s first few months of life. If you think you might be experiencing postnatal depression, take a look at this article from The Baby Centre and talk to your doctor. You will not feel this way forever, we promise!




Keep A Diary With Our Tiny Toes Notebook & Journal

So much happens in the first month and we highly recommend keeping a brief diary of the good the bad and the ugly. Those nights when baby kept you awake all night - write it down, those super cute facial expressions - make a note, or Babies first bath when baby isn't sure and you might be quite nervous - write it while it's fresh.

We know time is an issue but capture the memories before you forget, you'll be glad that you did -  Looking back you'll appreciate what an awesome job you did and you'll be able to share these memories with your little one when they get older!!

Designed by us our Tiny Toes notebook and journal and the perfect ways to capture your first-month memories and beyond


Hardback journal -

Spiral notebook -






We hope these tips are helpful, and most of all…we hope you will remember that there’s no perfect way to parent. You might decide to do things totally differently to your friends or family members. Follow your own mother’s intuition, and most of all…enjoy those baby snuggles!



Why not take some of that snuggle time in our cosy studio in Morley. Join us for a Newborn Photoshoot and let us capture those first few precious days/weeks.


Kate x

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