Get Organised With An Image Library

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Get Organised With An Image Library


Running a business in a busy social media world makes brand identity ever more important. Creating content can be time-consuming and quality over quantity is always best.



The, sometimes, overwhelming demand for continuous and fresh social media content can be eased by having everything prepared in advance and accessible anywhere, any time. To help you get focused on delivering quality content, get organised and create an Image Library. 


What is an Image Library?

A library of on-brand images that live in the cloud, making it easily and instantly accessible to you and your team. All vital when putting together content for blogs, instagram, facebook, newsletter. Your library might include:


  • Logos & watermarks
  • Personal brand photos e.g. portraits, headshots, team photos
  • Product photos
  • Stock photography



What are the benefits of an Image Library

As a business owner life is varied, exciting and demanding, with portable tech giving us much more flexibility. This means we can write those blogs, social media posts and website content anywhere in the world. With your resources in your Image Library:

  • you have everything at your fingertips
  • you can create bulk content in one sitting
  • you can see what additional resources you might need.




Where to create your Image Library

Ideally, you want to be able to access your Image Library from anywhere in the world at any time, give shared access and an app may also be useful. There are many online storage solutions out there including:

  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • pCloud


Over to you....

Creating your own Image Library

Brainstorm ideas of what resources you might need. Think about the articles you will write, blogs, social media posts etc and the resources you will need to complete them. These might be brand photography like portrait photos, products or stock images as well as logos.


Brand Imagery Guidelines

When it comes to your Image Library, the aim is to ensure that ALL imagery is recognisable as YOU!. You need to make sure you have a consistent photo style, logo and colour palette across all social media and your website. The easiest way to keep track of this is to create Brand Imagery Guidelines and stick to them - Over time, your customers will see the consistency in posts and begin to recognise when a post is from you without seeing your brand’s logo or social media handle. Our Brand Imagery Challenge will help you make sure the images you select are On-Brand and set a standard for any photos you select/have taken in the future - this should be your next step if you haven't already agreed your guidelines. 


Organise your storage space

Now you have your list of resource it's time to organise them into files. This will make it easier to find the right photo or document when you are in your creative flow.

Keep it up to date

Keep your storage space up to date with the latest on-brand images and remove the resources that no longer compliments your brand identity.


Suggested resources for your Image Library to support your Brand Identity

  • Logos and signatures
  • Fonts - list the fonts that can be used to create consistency in your branding
  • Product images
  • Stock images - images that are ready to use in blog and social media post. Consider the colours in the images, do they complement your brand colours.
  • Portrait and lifestyle photos - personal branding photos of you showing your personality, photos of you at work building your empire. These images help tell your story.
  • Consider having your images in a range of crops -  square, landscape and portrait, so you have all social media formats covered.
  • Brand imagery guidelines.






Creating content faster

Whether you are a solopreneur or part of an awesome team, being able to access essential resources on the move via your Image Library will be a huge time saver. This is how we can help you build your Image Library - 


Brand Portrait Photography  - Online Course

In this course, we show you have to take your own On-Brand portrait images using just your phone - online course


Personal Branding Photoshoot

Consider a photoshoot with us and we'll work together to create a series of on-brand images that you can use for your website and social media - personal branding photoshoot


Kate x



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