Why A Colour Palette Is Important To Your Brand

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Why A Colour Palette Is Important To Your Brand


How To Create One



Brands and colours are inevitably linked – think Golden Arches, Tiffany Blue or breast cancer’s Pink Ribbon. After all, colours create a vibrant visual experience. They make things more attractive, affect our mood and can even subconsciously shape action. As a result, brands put a lot of thought into the colours they use because it is where the first impressions of your customers are based. 

Let's dig a little deeper, understand why colour is important, what the different colours mean and how to create a palette perfect for your brand. 


Did you know - According to the Institute for Color Research (CCICOLOR), the average person makes a subconscious judgment about a product, person or the environment within 90 seconds. More than 2/3 of that judgment is based on colour! 


Brand Colour Psychology

Colours are more than just a visual aid, they convey emotions, feelings and experiences.

Have a look at the colour board below, and the meaning linked to each. Which colours are best suited to your brand?





What To Consider Before Choosing Your Colour Palette

As well as the meaning of the colours there are other things to consider. 

Match the colour to the message.

Think about what you want to say and match your message to the right colour shade. For example, imagine a Tropical Island Carnival company using black and grey as their brand colours - it doesn't quite fill you full of sunshine, fun or celebration does it?


Connect with your customers

Knowing and speaking to your ideal client is essential in all your marketing. When choosing your brand colours you should also consider your ideal client, what would appeal to them and encourage them to engage. Also, consider your brand's personality and whether the colour represents how formal or informal your brand is.


Did you know - MacDonald’s famous red and yellow are probably the two most difficult colours to combine. The jury is out on whether the founders conducted deep analytical research, or whether it was simply because they used Ketchup & Mustard in the original cheeseburger.


Choosing Your Colour Palette

We know why colour is important and which colours are going to appeal to your customer, now it's time to nail that colour palette. 

There are some great websites to help you.


A whole new colour palette

You can have hours of fun with Coolors colour palette generation website. You might want to set yourself a time limit - we got totally lost in all the pretty colour combinations. 


Create a palette around an existing colour

If you already have a base colour and know the colour number (#00000), you can use Colourspace to create a palette around your existing brand colour. Giving you different colour/shade options while maintaining a recognisable colour scheme.




Using Your Colour Palette

Now you've got your colour palette sorted, you need to make sure you are using it. Consistency in the use of your brand colours will only strengthen your identity in the market. It also helps you and your brand to stand out, eventually gaining the trust, loyalty and familiarity of customers.

  • When having a brand photoshoot (by the way, we can help you with that), use props and outfits in your brand colours to tie it all together.
  • Make a note of the colour number (#00000) for each of your colours, use these to make sure you get the colour spot on.
  • Use templates in your brand colours. Canva is a great tool for creating and branding post templates - you can use your colour numbers (#00000) for accuracy.
  • Make sure you use the same colours in your logo, on your website and across social media. 







Building A Strong Brand

You're now ready to start creating a strong visual brand and we have some resources available to help you on your way.  

Stock photo colour bundles - A whole stack of stock images in your brand colours to download and use across social media and your website

Social media planner - Success is in the planning and our handy planner will help you get ahead of the game. But more than that, it will help you recognise your ideal client, brand personality and tone of voice, helping you engage with your customer.


To get you started we have some FREE FLATLAY STOCK IMAGES (and let's face it, who doesn't love a freebie!!) - join our mailing list and we'll send you a link so you can download your favourites.  -   SEND ME SOME FREE STOCK IMAGES 


Have fun and enjoy getting creative 

Kate x










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