Meeting 'The Mummy Circle' Founder - Corinna Nicol

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Meeting 'The Mummy Circle' Founder


The Mumpreneur

I initially met Corinna when I was asked to photograph the Girl Tribe Gang meet up in Wakefield. A monthly networking event for fabulous female business owners where Corinna is the Tribe Boss. The cocktails were flowing, the support was incredible and the advice from their Power Hour guest speaker was invaluable.


Not only is Corinna the organiser of the Wakefield meet up, but she is also the founder of The Mummy Circle - a fantastic place for parents offering baby massage, baby yoga and postnatal support in Wakefield. When Corinna asked me to take some portrait photos for her to use on social media I was over the moon.

The Shoot

We had a quick chat to see what Corinna wanted from her photos - relaxed images that represent Corinna and her friendly and approachable style.

We arranged a meeting place and armed with her favourite herbal tea we were off, chatting and snapping away to get those natural photos.

We were both temporarily distracted by a newborn baby - a newborn photographer and a baby massage was bound to happen. But we soon got back on track to create a collection of photos that Corinna can use on social media and her website for time to come. 


Advice from an award-winning Mumpreneur

Already a winner of various awards, Corinna has recently been nominated for an award with Forward Ladies and is an Mpower Awards Rising Star finalist, - Congratulation Corinna. We just had to take the opportunity to pick her brain.



What are your top tips for new parents?

Don’t compare yourself or your baby to anyone else. Trust your own intuition and know that you are the person who knows your own baby best. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t try and be superhuman. New mums need to rest, so take it whenever you can (and don’t feel guilty about it!)

How do you manage running a successful business with family life?

In short, my mum! She has helped me so much since having my first baby, and knowing that my children have such a lovely bond with her has been invaluable. Without her support, my business would not be where it is now.  

What's the best piece of advice you've been given in business?

My lovely friend Sarah Pearson-Wood (Brave Girls Business Club) who is an amazing business coach, says to focus on who your ideal customer is, and hone down all your marketing/social media posts to appeal to that person.  

What are your top tips for branding a business?

The Mummy Circle is welcoming and inclusive and focuses on the basics: nurturing touch, singing, and community. I wanted my brand to reflect that and decided on a really simple logo that I designed myself using Canva. I was once told that you are your brand, and therefore it’s important to make yourself visible. I’m still working on that as it doesn’t come naturally putting myself out there, but Kate’s lovely photos have helped!  (Aww thanks Corinna)


Join The Mummy Circle with Corinna on Facebook and Instagram and keep an eye out for the next Girl Tribe Gang meeting in your area


And ask us how we can support your branding with images that represent you and your business. 


Kate x






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